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We're Back!


We listened to you and got back to work.

After your generous input and time, we went back and broke down every aspect of the platform and user experience to reflect your valuable insights.

  • Significantly improved the user experience

  • Added more innovative features

  • Expanded back-end administrative capabilities

  • Launch-ready with a promotional strategy & materials

  • Focused on a strategic buyer

Little Hand





User Engagement

To make the creating a Romational profile as simple as possible, we:

  • Streamlined the RomType and Factor assessment processes

  • Added "pop-up" messages to maintain interest / encourage honesty

  • Expanded our library of relationship factors 

  • Created "explainer" videos to describe our terminology


All pop-up messages are fully editable in real-time from the admin account - including text and placement

We also created video descriptions for the six RomTypes

Here's one example below. We have the rest completed.



Romational 'Connect'

We believe the CONNECT process will become the differentiator, since it offers a way to validate compatibility before exchanging personal information.  Our platform also allows for unlimited opportunities to "game-ify" the entire experience.

The current platform now demonstrates the power of this capability:

  • Ability send or receive connect requests

  • Four levels of engagement - with mutual opt in at each level

  • Added PIN as option beyond QR code 

  • Ability to create new PIN (making old codes obsolete)

  • Ability to edit / delete prior connections​​


MyRomational Online

To complement our iOs app, we developed a web interface fully compatible with our app for those on Android. The two platforms sync perfectly to give users additional access and insights. 

The web app offers these benefits:

  • Access to Android users

  • Ability to create and manage account

  • Faster data entry (and ability to update data on the iOs app)

  • Ability to CONNECT via PIN code

Couple on Date

"Rom Bots"

To demonstrate the "connect" capability - we developed a safe, innovative approach for new users to see how Romational works: 


  • We created Romational profiles for each RomType

  • We chose recognizable characters from TV and movies

  • Users can instantly compare themselves to these characters

  • These characters automatically approve connect requests

  • We encourage our community to challenge / update our answers.

Compare yourself to any of these characters - and they will automatically continue the matching process, so you can always see your results.

Cristina Yang.png

Show: Gray's Anatomy

Role: Cristina Yang


Show: New Girl

Role: Cece Parekh


Show: Succession

Role: Siobhan Roy


At each level, you learn more about the person, while still not revealing personal information until the final step!



We envision Romational as a highly engaged community to continually improve the platform and keep the content fresh and relevant.

We have developed the building blocks for this community, including:

  • Social media accounts

  • Promotional videos 

  • How to complete profile videos - using Rom Bots

  • Community approach - "crowd source" the questions to keep up to date (panel to review, edit and continually manage the platform)


Our fundamental design objective is to make the Romational platform fully dynamic, allowing for real-time updates to the profile questions and factors. 

From the back end, we can: 

  • Add/edit RomType questions

  • Adjust RomType weightings - to ensure RomTypes are always accurate

  • Add factors

  • Add/edit pop-ups at any time

When updates are made, we can alert users via pop-ups.

  • RomTypes

  • Factors 

This is where you come in...


Andy Chen
Romational Equity Holder

  • You have the Contacts & Connections

  • You have the industry knowledge

  • You have incredible insights

  • We have an entire product, ready with a bow on it

  • We're open to sharing our success with you financially 

  • We think we can execute a sale fairly quickly with you

We'd love to hop on a call or meet in person here in Dallas to talk through what we feel is an incredibly opportunity for all of us. Drop me an email.

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