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People are complex. Even you!

Each of us is emotionally as unique as a fingerprint. We may hold similar beliefs and likes, but there are a trillion configurations of all of the elements that make up even the most simple things we feel or do. Being with or around others is built into our DNA, we're social animals. Knowing this, when we look for relationships, we turn to companies that say they have just the one for you. 

How do they know? Given these complexities, they've built what's now seen in science as a 200-yard drive down the middle of the fairway because "most" people can relate close enough to their results, they feel they've got what they want. The downside is, once engaged, they often discover the other person actually isn't quite the fit they hoped it to be. That's where we come in.


Here's a very small example...

David doesn't like cats. At all

In Romational, he is characteristically 'flexible.'

David meets Hillary, she's awesome. She loves cats.

Hillary asks David about his feelings on cats.

David is attracted to Hillary, so he suddenly loves cats.

David starts hanging with Hillary, and Fred, her cat.

David discovers Fred's not so bad after all.

Turns out Hillary's also pretty flexible!






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