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Let's get back to the basics, and we mean basics.

Our personalities and understanding of what we want in life and in our relationships change dramatically as we grow. What we looked for as teenagers versus what we look for now at 25 is vastly different. No matter what type of relationship that is. From friendships to romantic connections.

Doesn't it make sense that even as adults, when we meet people thinking this will be a great relationship, it changes as we apply our own belief systems and needs to that person either intimately or as friends? We might think we can tolerate their love of cats, but as we're around them more we realize that's a huge obstacle even if it may seem petty on the surface? Even the small things can become big things, and it takes experiencing these things sometimes to realize our own strengths and weaknesses and how that affects interpersonal situations.

This is what Romational does, it helps you honestly evaluate yourself but it also allows you to adjust those assumptions as we grow, meet, and experience others. Other dating sites ask you one time, and after you submit your profile, it's gone, never to change, even though you probably will. change. Thusly, it continues to deliver "people" based on old data. And data lacking in true personality realities and facts that deeply configure your growing and changing needs and expectations.

We begin with the 10 measurements and quickly drill down into each area.

These are the 10 areas of your life personality and characteristics we focus on and then drill even deeper to reveal your own RomType with Romational. We ask you to select based on numbers that then are entered into our proprietary algorithm to produce your score, and thus, deliver not just "who you are" but who you're most compatible with.

Screen Shot 2021-04-27 at 1.09.12 PM.png

Let's break down RomTypes.

There are many ways to categorize relationships, but Romational recognizes six primary relationship types, which we term RomTypes. These six RomTypes were determined after countless hours of research and analysis of related variables. Your RomType is determined by analyzing your preferences across two dimensions: Foundation and Mindset. Your RomType is a code that blends these two dimensions. Your primary RomType is the one that most closely matches your overall preferences. However, both dimensions are viewed as a continuum, so your preferences will overlap the individual categories.


The Foundational Equation

This dimension reflects the desired level of balance within the relationship. There are two main categories: Balanced and Structured. 

Foundation Chart.png


The Mindset Equation

This dimension evaluates preferred duration, intent, time investment, and other factors. There are three different mindset categories: Casual, Dating, and Commitment

Mindset Chart.png


Flexibility Factors

Currently, Romational identifies 34 individual factors which affect a relationship. These are all the common factors that may be important in a relationship, and the model includes the ability to add more over time.

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