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And the answer is...

Based on your responses to key questions, we determine which RomType most closely matches your target relationship. As part of our promise to be transparent, we will share how your RomType was calculated and give you a chance to modify your answers if necessary. Your RomType is not static – it will likely change over time.

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You seek a long term relationship and you are prepared to invest significantly in that relationship. To avoid imbalance, you prefer equitable partnerships instead of proportional contributions.

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You seek something more substantial than just immediate gratification, but not necessarily a long-term commitment. However, the right person might be able to change your mind. You believe that compromise and balance are essential.

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You seek a connection, but are not looking for a commitment at the moment. Your focus is on immediate enjoyment. At the same time, you remain independent and do not want an unbalanced situation. You expect your partners contribution to match your own.

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You seek a longer term commitment, but your relationship might not be your top priority. You also know the value of such a commitment, and you understand your contributions to a relationship. You are open and unapologetic in your expectations from your partner.

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You seek something more substantial than immediate gratification, but not necessarily a long-term commitment. You also understand the value of a relationship, but contributions may be proportional depending on the situation. You believe in direct and honest conversations about mutual expectations.

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You seek a connection, but are not looking for a commitment at the moment. Your focus is on immediate enjoyment. With that in mind, you understand that both sides should still get something from the relationship. You are honest about your expectations and expect the same in return.

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Your final report and assessment have much more detail, breaking down multiple aspects.

Your RomType is just the end result. The true characteristics you bestow are complex, and our system delivers those in a very consumable fashion, helping make sense of even the smallest of variables that are considered in our algorithm.

Currently, Romational identifies 30 individual factors which affect a relationship. These are all the common factors that may be important in a relationship, and the model includes the ability to add more over time.

The second layer of data comes from your "Selectivity Factors."


Our approach is simple. For every factor, we ask two things: Select a response that most closely reflects your views on that factor, then rate how important alignment with your partner is on that factor. After completing our assessment, we provide a detailed analysis of your selectivity, including an overall score. You can Use these Selectivity reports to validate the relative priority of each factor. Adjust responses as necessary to provide the most accurate results.

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