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What do all dating apps have in common?

• They appeal to people looking for relationships

• They provide a platform to meet people

• They can specialize in specific demographics

• They have different level of services

• They provide a certain level of daily utility

• They all use the same basic process to onboard users

• They have a high level of churn

Couple on Date

Our mission is to increase romantic connectivity worldwide. Match Group is the world's leading provider of dating products. Through our portfolio of trusted brands, we provide tailored products to meet the varying preferences of our users.

How do we discover personal preferences?

With variable factors.

Preferences = Type

There are many "types" of people, but there isn't one definitive way to consistently and clearly identify a specific "type," because there are zillions of emotional, moral and lifestyle variables. So, we naturally try to strike common ground through an accepted process for "personality filtering."

Let's play "What If."

Based on what these people have said, we're here today to answer the big "What If" and demonstrate WHY what we have is a total game-changer in your industry.

A Date in the Forest

You responses to the questions could be altered as your needs shift?



Emotions aren't static.

They change because we change, so wouldn't it make sense to have a standard process to measure that?

That's the foundation for Romational. Providing the most accurate, honest and flexible measurement for our wants, desires and needs. Anyone can ask basic questions about relationships, but they tend to be extremely generic and obvious. Standardization of any type requires a methodology and process that's proven, repeatable, and accurate.

5e6a2e8c3af0239ae2fd9e89_Myers Briggs in

We've established a new standard.

We started with the end in mind. Why do people want a relationship and how do they meet today? How accurate are the matches and can we deliver a way to create more success while still managing personal expectations and give people a better understanding about themselves?

As we grow, we change. Growth isn't just about age, it's about our own perspectives and beliefs about our own priorities. Within those hundreds of data points, subtle shifts can greatly affect who we are compatible with. At Romational, we focus on the data that matters and unlock personal growth flexibility to generate a more accurate assessment that people desperately need. We help people move from basic dating questions based on looks and simple likes or dislikes, to making decisions based on the things that actually matter to our souls.


David doesn't like cats. At all

In Romational, he is characteristically 'flexible.'

David meets Hillary, she's awesome. She loves cats.

Hillary asks David about his feelings on cats.

David is attracted to Hillary, so he suddenly loves cats.

David starts hanging with Hillary, and Fred, her cat.

David discovers Fred's not so bad after all.

Turns out Hillary's also pretty flexible!






Here's a very, very simple yet small example...


We've identified 40 key factors.

Splitting hairs is where the treasures lay. We had a powerful group of relationship experts ranging from PHD's to therapists to Psychiatrists who specialize in relationships quantify our algorithms and challenge our model. By using specific personality factors, and variable controls, we can identify human traits to support our data assumptions for each user.


Your RomType Score is a living score. No taking one test to begin your matching process, we help people generate a score that changes as they change, while giving you deep personal insights as to your rational and logical needs for a successful relationship.

Romational iPhone 2.png

We see a clear future for cultivating relationships with greater accuracy and confidence. 

You're in the business of dating. In fact, there's a ton of dating services these days. What was once a single offering has grown into a global phenomenon with brands fighting to differentiate themselves based on the quality of their matches. We hear a lot about "science" but there's actually very little science here, it's the perception of putting science into a highly personal and emotional decision.

Woman With Makeup

Bridging the gap with a new and simple formula.

People love simple. And when we can take a complex decision like relationships and put forth something people can relate and connect to, then we've created a "Brand Distinction" that's actually backed by science.

Man with Beard

I'm Amy.

• Hates Tardiness

• Eats to Survive

• Moves Very Slowly

• Money Doesn't Matter

• Loud Chewing Bothers Me

• Admires Courage

• Flexible With Music Styles

• Never Speeds in Car

• Don't Touch My Feet

• Loves Sarcasm

I'm Karl.

• Hates Tardiness

• Eats to Survive

• Moves Very Slowly

• Money Doesn't Matter

• Slopiness Bothers Me

• Admires Honesty

• Flexible With Music Styles

• Hates Driving / Rides Bike

• No Fetishes

• Loves Sarcasm

Spontaneous Kiss

Living Data

Taking "Matching" to a new level.

Romational is the only scientific algorithm focused on the success of a relationship using factors far deeper and always evolving to determine the health of a potential relationship or existing relationship. We’re the new language, the new standard for people trying to find a sustainable relationship success. We're not a dating service, we're a scientific approach, much like the Meyers-Briggs test, that isolates key factors instrumental in helping people to learn more about their emotional directions and to confidently find others who compliment them. We do this by determining an individuals’ RomType.

Romational is a paradigm shift for every company you own, and a new standard for the dating world.






Flexibility Factors filter your viewpoints and opinions into manageable pieces

Clean user interface makes adjusting your emotional feedback simple and clear

Detailed descriptions and graphs give you immediate results based on your data

It's not just new questions, it's how strongly you feel about those questions


An immediate behavioral user shift.

Because you own so many dating brands, you can quickly promote this new approach across all platforms to create an instant synergy across all segments your different platforms appeal to. What's good for the Tinder users is now also good for loyalists.


Our standardization is agnostic to all dating site opportunities, but universal in appeal. Imagine if you will, the Romational "RomType" becoming the "dating standard" of emotional measurement, no matter what age you are or what groups of people appeal to your needs?


One simple action that changes everything.

With a basic gesture, people can now compare their own RomType to see if there's a potential match. They can also choose what details to share or not.

We also have a very powerful 

monetization element to this feature people have never seen before!


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